In agreement with companies and establishments, Maharah provides expatriate workers as desired by the client, through pre-selection of individuals by the client and the company then undertakes its role in following-up and finalizing procedures of recruitment according to a contract to be concluded between the two parties, provided that worker shall remain under umbrella of the company for all of us to cooperate in achievement of the public interest of related parties.



Maharah undertakes distinctive role in finalizing and facilitating procedures of workers’ recruitment for those whom the suitable visa for the profession to be recruited for is available, whether such service requester was an individual or a company, in record time.


Maharah provides business needs for individuals or companies by leasing expatriates for specific period s to be agreed upon by the two parties; provided that Maharah shall be liable for all costs and expenses accompanying the recruitment procedures in addition to salary of the expatriate, work permit fees, iqama issuance and renewal fees, health insurance and insurance against occupational risks as well as air-tickets.