Rental of Maids:

Nationalities including: Indonesia, Uganda, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Djibouti and Bangladesh.
Packages including: three, six, twelve and twenty-four months.
Once contract is signed (immediately).
Yes, there are penalty clauses in the event of contract cancellation.
We have a large number of housemaids and private drivers whom had good exposure to the Arabic language by previous experiences in other Arab countries.
They are required to clean, and many of them can cook well and take care of children
According to the client’s preference, we can offer a housemaid’s service from an individual with experience or newly arrived.
There is an amount of SR 3,500 paid as a security deposit, however for resident (non-Saudi) it is SR 9000. Security deposit is fully reimbursed upon the end of contract.
The company is keen to select the best manpower available.
Yes, we have more than 15 branches in the Kingdom, all serving the cities where branches are located.
1. Saudi national identity
2. Resided ID (Iqama) for resident (Non-Saudi).
3. Family Card.
4. Proof of income
5. Job Certificate certified by the Chamber of Commerce for the company

Chauffeur Hire:

Nationalities we have available are Indonesia, Kenya, India, Pakistan and Tanzania.
Available packages are for a month or three months, six months and twelve months and twenty-four months.
It is provided immediately.
The paid amounts do not include accommodation and subsistence if the clients do not give him to eat from home, they should give the extra amount of SR 200 each month for subsistence and the amount is not returned.
Yes, we have a large number of drivers have previous experience in other Arab countries.
1 / Saudi national identity - the identity of accommodation for non-Saudis. 2 / business card or a certificate from certified work of the Chamber of Commerce for the company 3 / car insurance in force. 4 / car form.
The contract content includes the salary of the driver or worker and his driver's license and his medical insurance value. And return tickets after the expiry of the contract, and the end of service benefits, the value of the contracts does not include accommodation and subsistence, the client is committed to provide suitable accommodation for the driver and subsistence 3 meals per day, or give the driver 200 riyals per month for subsistence.
The private driver immediately received.
By going to the branch.