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In line with the effort of the Saudi Arabian Government in organizing methods of sponsorship for expats working in the country with an objective of strengthening the international relations, meeting the needs of the local market, and controlling illegal workers who effect the security of this nation, in addition to insuring the rights of all expats are met. The Ministry of Commerce approved on establishing Maharah to be one foe the authorized companies that provides its Human Resources & sourcing services starting from March 2013. Maharah is considered to be among the few companies that aim to attract and sponsor human cadres through utilizing the 120 thousand work visas that has been provided by the Ministry of Labor to sponsor workers from various professions from different countries...


Individual ( Home Services)

Maharah provides domestic labors in conformity with demands of individuals commencing from the private driver, domestic helper through male / female nurse, private chief, farmer as well as guardian. Further, the company may provide various skilled workers...


In agreement with companies and establishments, Maharah provides expatriate workers as desired by the client, through pre-selection of individuals by the client and the company then undertakes its role in following-up and finalizing procedures of recruitment...


Maharah is the first company operating in recruitment in the medical field and is distinguished by providing the best medical competencies in different specialties such as consultants, physicians, nurses...

Home Healthcare

Maharah is one of the first companies for recruitment in the medical field. It provides the best medical competencies of consultants, doctors, nurses, technicians and all the professions in the medical field...