Maharah is the first company operating in recruitment in the medical field and is distinguished by providing the best medical competencies in different specialties such as consultants, physicians, nurses and technicians in addition to all professions of the medical field. Since foundation, Maharah was keen to focus on such filed due to its experience and qualification and it was able to attract specialists in the human resources management for all sectors and leveraged from experiences of its employees in the health sector, especially those who worked in human resources departments in medical cities, specialty hospitals and pioneer hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Maharah has provided more than 1200 specialized employees in the medical field for its clients and provided unique employment solutions to fulfill competencies required by its clients, through the specialized employment services which enabled it to achieve satisfactory value for the organization. We are your trusted consultant for the provision of employment services in a professional manner that attracts distinguished competencies and helps create a set of competencies as reference for the future.